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Types Of Airport Parking

Today airports are offering different rates for parking and other related services. The rates are very competitive and are charged in accordance with convenience or distance from the terminals. To understand airport parking more you need to know that it is provided off the landing grounds. The options for parking can be very challenging in some cases but there are quite a number of guides that can help you to determine for how long you are going to park at the airport. Airport Parking offers cheap and costly options for customers and therefore leaves them with a daunting task of choosing what to do with their cash. You may decide to take meet and greet parking options, self-parking or business airport parking or other options offered.

Airport parking is very wide with different categories to select from but first understand what is provided plus want you are likely to enjoy from choosing that type of parking. In each and every airport we have short-term parking. Usually situated close to the terminal points in an airport. This parking us the most suitable however it charges a lot more than other parking . It is also designed for people who are dropping off and picking up passengers. In addition to that the rates are determined on per hour basis. In this type of parking discounts are given after a specified period of time elapses .

Secondly we have long term parking. Normally parking is provided for a longer period of time usually more than five days . One of the cheapest parking offered by airports as clients pay for many days than paying costly for one day. This parking is very good if you only get your space in advance to avoid running from here and there in the last minutes. We also have terminal parking which is accessible from departure level only. The parking is very unique in its own way with a four number structure used . In addition to that, the parking is constructed to suit only some vehicle s of a certain height and those which cannot adhere to that are not allowed in.

Valet parking comes in as another class of airport parking. Popularly recognized as meet and greet parking. It is for those individuals in a hurry and who do not want to waste their time parking. This parking is where you get out of your vehicle and leave it to a specific person to park for you and on return, they will still be there waiting for you. There is also terminal curbside parking and the most common one, self-parking. Parking in which drivers are given time to load and offload very fast and once that time elapses they have to leave. Self parking is the simplest of all, you park in the lots by yourself and keep your cars with you.

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